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Mr. Jaroslav Čech. You can find the photos of his work here: rich decorations of shooting guns, short, as well as long, hunting and also sport guns and other decorated cold guns; hunting, gift and occasional knives, daggers, bowies, etc.

We believe that you will find these pages interesting and you will frequently return, while we are adding more content. Apart from this website, you can also find the works on the specialised exhibitions in Brno and Příbram in the Czech Republic.

Zbyněk Čech, son


Mr. Jaroslav Čech was born in 1948. He first touched the graver a long time ago, between 1964 and 1967, when he studied metal engraving in the training college of the Sandrik factory in Dolné Hámre, Slovakia.

After his studies, he worked with engravings only occasionally; till 1989, he preferred painting, his second big love.

When the velvet revolution changed regime, he dived again into the "re-discovery" of the engraving secrets and started to recover and improve his past skills. He has worked with the prominent Czech cutlers since then.

He also cooperated on the production of stamping dies, various labels, music instruments, etc.

However, he soon started to specialize in commissions for engravings on guns and knives and he has taken the other tasks only occasionally. Mr. Čech has participated in many exhibitions throughout the Czech Republic, as well as in Belgium and France.

He has touched tens, or rather hundreds artefacts so far. You can find a small selection of them in the sections "arms" and "knives" of this website.

His works are present worldwide today - in Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland...

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